Electric cargo bike for the dog: all the info at a glance

A cargo bike is not only ideal with children. An electric cargo bike is also perfect for the dog. This way you can go for walks with the dog in places further from home. Or you can go out together to the supermarket or family. But what is the best electric cargo bike for a dog? And what is important to also make your dog happy with your cargo bike choice? We put together all the important info for you.

Why an electric cargo bike for your dog?

An electric cargo bike for the dog is ideal if you regularly go out with the dog. You cannot always leave the dog at home all day, but you do not want to have to walk everywhere. You solve that by choosing an electric cargo bike for the dog.

And that's not the only advantage of an electric cargo bike. These are a few more pluses:

  • An electric cargo bike gets you everywhere much faster than a regular bike or walking.
  • You can cycle longer distances because your dog does not have to walk and you do not have to pedal strongly.
  • For dogs it is a great experience to feel the wind through their hair and see the world go by at lightning speed.
  • It is safer than letting your dog run beside you or putting your dog in the basket in front of your bike. Many dogs can easily jump out of the basket.
  • A cargo bike offers a lot of space, allowing you to transport a larger dog in it. This is more difficult in a bicycle basket or bicycle cart.
  • You always have the dog sitting in front of you, giving you a good view of the dog.

Furthermore, it is convenient that you can use our cargo bikes for both the dog and children. You can fit two children and a dog in our Royal Family cargo bikes. This allows you to go out with the whole family, including your four-legged family member. Or you can put your groceries in it.

What should you look for when buying an electric cargo bike for the dog?

Have you got your eye on an electric cargo bike? If so, a few things are important to look out for:

  1. Choose a cargo bike with a door.
  2. Check the dog leash attachment options.
  3. Pay close attention to the safety of the bike.
  4. Choose between a two- and three-wheeler.
  5. Buy an anti-slip mat with it, if necessary.
  6. Check how much room there is in the box.
  7. Pay attention to the material of the box.
  8. Buy additional accessories with it, if necessary.

Let's discuss the points one by one. That way, you can make an informed decision about which is the best electric cargo bike for your dog.

1. Choose a cargo bike with a door

Many dogs (and their owners) like it when they can get into the cargo box themselves. This is possible if you choose an electric cargo bike with a door (such as our Royal 3-Wheel). The dog can then easily walk into the cargo bike by himself.

2. Check the attachment points for the leash

Not every dog owner attaches the dog to the cargo bike. Some dogs stay nicely in place and do not necessarily need to be leashed. Is your dog more adventurous, busier or less obedient? Then it is useful to double check that there are attachment points for the leash. You can then easily keep your dog leashed while you cycle. As a result, you don't have to worry about your four-legged friend jumping out of the box or doing other dangerous things.

Do you enjoy tethering your dog? Then our dealers can come up with a solution for that for our cargo bikes. This way you can always strap your dog into the cargo box very easily.

3. Pay attention to the safety of the cargo bike

Whether you go out with your children or with the dog on the electric cargo bike, safety comes first. We know from experience that not every electric cargo bike can make a safe emergency stop. On some cargo bikes the brakes do not work as fast as you would like.

With hydraulic disc brakes, our Royal Family cargo bikes always allow you to make a safe emergency stop if necessary. Also, our bikes have stable handling. This gives you full control over the handlebars, brakes and the bike itself while cycling.

Our tip? Always take an extensive test ride when you want to buy a cargo bike for the dog. Also test how the bike reacts when you make an emergency stop. For safety, it is important that the bike stops in a straight line during an emergency stop.

4. Choose between a two- and three-wheeler

Another important choice is that between a two- or three-wheeled electric cargo bike. We have both a two-wheeled and a three-wheeled cargo bike. Here are the differences in a row:


  • This bikes like a normal e-bike.
  • Both pedaling and steering are very light.
  • This type of bike is especially fine for long distances with few stops.
  • When stopping, you have to put your feet on the ground for balance.
  • It fits up to 3 children (or 1 dog and 1 child).


  • This bike is more stable than a two-wheeler.
  • The bike does pedal a bit heavier.
  • It is especially suitable if you cycle short distances or have to stop often (for example, when you live in the city).
  • You don't have to stand with your feet on the ground for balance.
  • It fits up to 4 children (or 1 dog and 2 children).

Do you often cycle long distances or like to take your bike out into nature? Then a two-wheeler might be nicer because it pedals more lightly. Do you live in the city, want a larger box capacity or want extra stable cycling? Then we recommend a three-wheeler.

Of course you can test the two and three-wheelers at our dealers. Then you can experience in practice what you like best.

5. Buy an anti-slip mat

Do you want to prevent your dog from slipping in the box when his paws are wet? You can buy an anti-slip mat to go with the bike. You put it on the floor of the box. This will keep your dog stable even after a walk through the mud puddles.

6. Check how much space there is in the box

Do you have one dog? Then the box doesn't have to be very big. But if you have two dogs or want to transport both your children and the dog in the cargo bike, a large cargo box is nice. Check the maximum number of dogs and people a cargo bike can carry.

For example, our three-wheel cargo bike is suitable for 1 dog and 2 children or for 2 dogs. In addition, depending on the size of your dog, you can also fit shopping bags inside.

7. Pay attention to the material of the cargo box

Generally, cargo bikes are made of different types of materials. Sometimes the cargo box is made of plastic and sometimes of wood. Plastic has the advantage of being long-lasting and moisture-resistant. Wood, on the other hand, looks nice, but is less resistant to rain.

With our cargo bike, we paid attention to both the material and the design. That's why we chose a unique box made of long-lasting plastic material combined with wooden benches and aluminum panels. The result is a stylish cargo box that can withstand wind and weather.

8. Consider additional accessories

Our electric cargo bikes are designed for the whole family. You can transport your dog, but also children. The great thing about a family cargo bike is that you can customize it with accessories. For example, you can also buy a rain cover. This makes it more comfortable for your dog in real doggy weather. Also consider other accessories, such as a cushions.

Our dealers have all kinds of great accessories for your electric cargo bike. This allows you to completely tailor the cargo bike to what you like for the dog.

How do you get the dog used to the cargo bike?

How exciting your dog finds the cargo bike will vary from dog to dog. Taking a first ride in a quiet location will help your dog get used to it. Do not go directly into the busy traffic, but find for example the forest or a remote industrial area and cycle there with the dog for a short distance. Then you can get your dog used to sitting in the cargo box and getting in and out of the cargo bike.

Furthermore, pay attention to how your dog reacts to the cargo bike. Does your dog get very busy and wants to see everything around him? If so, be sure to leash the dog to prevent escape attempts.

What is the best cargo bike for a dog?

We recommend our Royal 3-Wheel as the best cargo bike for dogs. This cargo bike is very stable and therefore extra safe, even if you make a lot of stops. Furthermore, the tree-wheel has a door at the front. The dog can easily walk in there by himself, also because the box is low to the road.

You can easily leave out the front bench so that your dog has all the space it needs to sit or stand. You can then still use the rear bench. Here you can put two children on it, for example, or you can put your shopping bag on it. That makes this an ideal cargo bike for dogs and for the rest of the family.

Want to buy an electric cargo bike for your dog? Take a test ride

Can you see yourself riding an electric cargo bike with your dog? Take a test ride with our two cargo bikes. Find a Royal Family dealer near you and take a test ride to experience the bikes for yourself. With or without your dog.

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